MYMO | Ant Mountain Portal

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  • MYMO | Ant Mountain Portal
  • MYMO | Ant Mountain Portal

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Ant Mountain Portal - The Africa Series, by Berlin based artist MYMO.

Mixed media, 2015

Framed 16.5 x 13.5

"Mankind call me 'MYMO' the illusionist, the gatekeeper to other dimensions the whole world tries to grasp me. My spirit has been around in many places, dark cities and bright nations throughout the world. I never know where my spirit will be next; do you know from where the next wind will blow? I exist in mankind's legends and fairytales in the streets and the alleys, on the walls and in your eyes. My artwork and illusions represent portals in time and space. Portals can be seen in symbols, in words, and in paintings. I play in my experimental artwork with emotions and colors, physics and absolute self awareness. What I see through the portals are messages through images and sometimes whole stories, and that is what I am painting. Seeing becomes a miracle. Life itself is infinite, a spirit, living thing, and to hear see and speak that, you have to have the art of listening, the art of seeing and the art of speaking, these are miracles. Mankind has lost the touch with these gifts. MYMO sees, and is capable of translating messages between realms. I see things and then I draw them. No thinking; thinking prevents seeing. Thoughts are limited, my paintings are beyond thought and beyond knowledge, my artwork is a living thing..."  - MYMO