Black Flag x Flipper

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  • Black Flag x Flipper
  • Black Flag x Flipper
  • Black Flag x Flipper
  • Black Flag x Flipper

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Framed Black Flag x Flipper flyer from LA's early punk scene.

Januray 25th, 1985 - the last great year for punk shows in Southern California.

Sluglord Presents:

Black Flag (instrumental, with Henry Rollins on one song)
Saccharine Trust
Target of Demand 

Fenders Ballroom, Long Beach, CA.

Flier is 11" x 14" floated in a 16" x 19" frame

Artwork by Victor Gastelum who went on to be published in numerous books and magazines including F*cked Up + Photocopied, Ciudad Hibrida/Hybrid City and The New York Times Magazine. Gastelum has also collaborated with his long-time friends, Tucson-based band Calexico, creating art for many of their albums. In addition Victor has collaborated with other artists such as Chaz Bojorquez, Raymond Pettibon and Rolo. He has been published by Hamilton Press (Venice, CA) in the form of a collaborative lithograph and an art book cover and by Self-Help Graphics (Los Angeles, CA) in the forms of serigraphs as well as monoprints. of their albums.