A DAY'S WORK by Ian Reid | The Movie

A DAY'S WORK | Ian Reid from THESE DAYS on Vimeo.


In October of 2016 we collaborated with Girl Skateboards to create a show for photographer Ian Reid. We didn't know much about Ian at the time but found his images of women involved in the BDSM scene compelling. The more we got to know Ian and his story the more we appreciated both. For the closing of his show we decided to produce two zines of Ian's photos. One titled A Day's Work | NATURE is made up of images Ian took of women outdoors in natural landscapes. The other is called A Day's Work | ABANDONED and consists of photos he made in decaying buildings in New York, Detroit, Bulgaria and China. Ian had also been making videos while shooting his stills photography that we found to be very powerful. We introduced him to our friend Pete D'Andrea who edits films and videos and together they collaborated to create this video that was screened during the closing party for Ian's show. It's pretty provocative and not for the prudish or those easily offended by extreme situations but we think it's a remarkable and original piece of art film making. As far as we know, here and on our vimeo page are the only places it is available to be seen. Enjoy! 






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