GAG! (Gallery Attendants Gallery)

ARTIST RECEPTION: Saturday, December 16, 7:00 – 9:00 PM

EXHIBITION: December 16 - December 30, 2023

                     1. a tear in the regularly scheduled programming.
                     2. to contemplate ‘play’
                     3. lived experience

GAG! (Gallery Attendants’ Gallery) presents a group exhibition of LA-based artists working in a range of mediums from painting, sculpture, collage, video and sound, and performance.
GAG! turns viewership on its head and celebrates active participation with an arrhythmic spontaneity that invites interaction and exchange. Collectively, the pieces include paradoxes of the human condition: humorous and serious, tragic and celebratory, public and private. It seeks neither to declare or define, but to reflect and excavate a site of meaning.

Formed by the chance encounter of working at the same museum (MOCA), GAG! is a direct response to the contemporary art world. This exhibition explores the ability to construct PLACE through the material assemblage of lived experience.



Ripple of connection

Collective experience

Site of meaning

Ability of PLACE

The arc of the human condition

A project that is the arc 

Nor to define or to state, but to reflect on the human condition 


Nexus of place and site of meaning 

GAG! Is a place

Temporality of process 

Creation of place through collective experience 

Fluidity of place 

GAG! (Gallery Attendants Gallery) collective is a group of contemporary artists spanning video, painting, sculpture, sound, installation, poetry, and performance. Formed by the chance encounter of working at the same museum (MOCA), GAG! is a direct response to the contemporary art world.

Featuring works by,





Lil wolfgang III/LUDEN







Nikko Arce

Lauren Crow




The show formed naturally in the process of artists having conversation and sharing space. A show that spans video installation, painting, drawing, mixed media, and poetry, each artist has a distinctly different process yet the group as a whole create a world with their pieces in which all forms of experience is captured. What is the role of a love in relation to connecting to another? What does it mean to connect with another when you are learning to connect to the self? What are the systems that try to define our experience and how do we reshape that same system to define our own? The pieces in this show look at the mask and the self, the ephemeral, the corporeal, and mundanity that is its own complexity, the familial and preternatural. 




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