Incense | Espiritus del Ande - Copal

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  • Incense | Espiritus del Ande - Copal
  • Incense | Espiritus del Ande - Copal
  • Incense | Espiritus del Ande - Copal

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Espiritus del Ande - Sacred Plant Incense from Cusco, Peru is artisanal in every step of it's creation. The makers moisten and compact locally sourced Palo Santo, Wiracoa and Copal by hand into 4.5" bars using the finest ingredients nature has to offer. 

Espiritus Del Ande incense is made from locally sourced and hand-pressed palo santo wood, herbs, resin and oil. Handcrafted in small batches in Cusco, Peru, our suppliers operate a fair trade business that uses the profits from its productions to enable purposeful commerce of indigenous artisanship and heritage.

Each box contains six 4.5" long bricks.

We like to burn small amounts at a time – roughly a 1" piece – placed on a ceramic dish. 


Palo Santo - Bursera graveolens
Resinous Palo Santo tree was part of the pre-Hispanic cultures in the Andes in rituals of harmonization with the natural elements. It is considered a tree with medicinal qualities, used on a daily basis in spiritual practice until the present days.

Andean origin plant, grows above 3,800 meters. Its used as incense and inhaler for bronchial problems, also used in this blend to maintain the presence of fire.

The name given to tree resin from the copal tree Protium copal that is particularly identified with the aromatic resins used by the cultures of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica as ceremonially burned incense.