Social Graces

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Social Graces by photographer Larry Fink. Published by Aperture,1984. 

Softcover, 79pg. B&W

10.5" x 9.3"

1st edition - Signed 

Mr. Fink's black-and-white pictures are wonderfully absorbing, funny, skewed, ethereally glowing documents of human situations. The photographer is like a spy, always on the move, catching people at their most unguarded. An anxious, bored-looking woman in evening finery sits near a disheveled fat man in a tuxedo sprawled in sleep on a modern sofa; on the other side of the tracks, as it were, a teenager tries to comfort her drunk friend out in the yard on a summer night. Every picture is like a good short story -- here John Cheever, there Raymond Carver.  - Ken Johnson, NY Times