ventanas - female point of view / bogata

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Ventanas - Female Point Of View / Bogata is a photo book / zine published by Oodee Books in 2014.

Softcover, 38pg. color

10.6" x 8"

Edition of 100

"During three years, I lived in Bogota in front of a 18 floors building, with 2 apartments on each floor staring up at my window. On these days I spent most of the time at home and within my daily work I began to watch the neighbors. With the passage of time I discovered their routines and through these I discovered my own routine. I decided to make a diary of my life through the daily life of a bunch of strangers in a public blog. I Imagined stories, I built characters, I followed romances and crazy sex nights, I faced with pain the departure of old neighbors and was skeptical of the arrival of the new ones. With this project I tried to understand the desire of people to be socially recognized, by putting your intimate life evident through devices like the Facebook, while the fear of being caught watching the lives of others, be found in their everydayness “unfiltered”. For two and a half years I photographed my neighbors in their ordinary activities and I knew them through the window." Estafania Gonzalez