Neoism, Plagiarism & Praxis

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  • Neoism, Plagiarism & Praxis
  • Neoism, Plagiarism & Praxis
  • Neoism, Plagiarism & Praxis

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Neoism, Plagiarism & Praxis by cult author, historian, archivist and artist Stewart Home "is concerned with what's been happening at the cutting edge of culture since the demise of Fluxus and the Situationists. It provides inside information on the Neoists, Plagiarists, Art Strikers, London Psychogeographical Association, K Foundation and other groups that are even more obscure. Rather than offering a continuous narrative, the text is made up or articles, manifestos, lectures and essays." Published by AK Press, 1995.

Softcover, 207pg

8.25" x 5.75"

Used book. Condition: good. Cover creases (see photos) and some foxing to the page edges.