Scooter Boys

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Scooter Boys is a book by Gareth Brown. Published by Olmstead Press, 2001.

Softcover, 128pg. B&W

9.6" x 6.7"

1st edition

"From the post-punk, massed Mod revival of the 1970s, there emerged an almost organic cultural collective --- Scooter Boys. With an underlying musical focus on Northern Soul and R&B, these scooter boys developed a passion for steamy all-nighters, fueled by a fast, absorbing and intrinsically nomadic lifestyle. They gathered in their thousands at an array of coastal resorts all over the British Isles (and beyond) for all weekend parties, making their own rules and their own enemies. The cultural icon at the epicenter of this phenomenon were the Italian motor-scooters which mobilized this unique way of life. In the 1990s, yet another string was added to the bow of scooter culture, courtesy of artists such as Oasis, Ocean Colour Scene and Cast. These bands, along with the already scooter-credible Paul Weller, helped fuel a new generation of scooter-loving individuals."